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Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Awesome! You are thinking about taking acoustic guitar lessons.

My father handed me a guitar when I was only 7 years old.  What type of guitar?  An acoustic guitar is the answer. I am thankful he didn’t give me an electric guitar and I’ll tell you why.

Acoustic Guitar LessonsThe Acoustic Guitar Foundation

My foundation in playing which eventually made me the guitar player I have become today came from a solid 3 or 4 years of playing acoustic guitar. I never even touched an electric guitar until I was about 10 or 11.  It’s hard to remember because that was a long time ago.  Not that there is anything wrong with starting lessons using an electric, I just know how I started and I believe that playing an acoustic guitar really helped my foundation in playing.

Here are my own personal thoughts on starting with acoustic guitar lessons

When learning to play as a beginner guitar student, you’ll learn the basic open guitar chords you need along with solid strumming patterns that develop excellent timing.  You won’t be distracted by a new sound that you found on your guitar amp or a funky new guitar pedal sound.  With an acoustic you learn to play for accompany and support a melody or a vocalist.  Maybe you can accompany your own voice if you aren’t too shy.

Campfires and sing a longs

Another great thing about the acoustic guitar is you don’t need any extra equipment.  You only need your guitar, a guitar tuner, your guitar songbook and I would also recommend a guitar capo.  That’s it you are ready to go.  No need for a guitar amp or cables.  Just start playing and singing guitar sing a longs with your friends and family members.

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