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The music room has a seating area.

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I have learned a great deal of guitar knowledge throughout my years and have a passion for teaching. I have over 20 years of teaching experience and have been playing for over 30 years.  I started at the young  age of 7 and have played just about everyday since then.

I am acutely aware of the importance of the core fundamentals in learning the guitar. I create personalised practice routines and train students how to practice efficiently so they can learn quickly.

The Guitar Instructor way of teaching combines some of the BEST TEACHING STRATEGIES and are more EFFECTIVE than most guitar lessons in Edmonton. 

Average Guitar Teacher

Problems you will have with an average guitar teacher:

  • It will take you longer to learn because you are not being taught how to practice with a purpose
  • Since your practice is ineffective your progress & improvements will be hard to track  
  • You will lose interest quickly
  • You will probably pack your guitar away in the closest and never touch it again
Experienced Guitar Teacher

What you will get from an experienced guitar teacher:

  • You will learn how to practice effectively with important key exercises
  • You will be given the right tools and resources to learn at an accelerated pace
  • You will achieve your musical goals much quicker
  • You will play the guitar a lot more and it will become part of your everyday life because you will enjoy playing and you will be good at it too!

Find a teacher who can really help you!

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate guitar player, finding the right teacher for you is the most important decision you could make. Most students will make a decision on the basis of the location and price. They tend to choose the cheapest teacher who is closest to them. If you want to take guitar playing seriously, this is not the right approach.

Before you choose a music teacher, it is important to know they possess the skills, teaching experience and qualities to teach you properly and effectively. Would you ever choose a physician or a lawyer with price being the main determining factor?

Avoid making any of these 3 mistakes
when selecting a guitar teacher for you or your child!

Avoid These 3 MistakesLook For Experience & Teaching Skills

1. Do not choose a guitar teacher based on location.

Choosing a music teacher based on location because it’s close to home is not always the best option. It might be convenient for you but, do they offer proper training and teaching methods? If not, you will be wasting your money.

2. Do not choose a guitar teacher based solely on price.

I understand you want to shop around which is great but If you are looking for the cheapest guitar lessons that’s probably what you will get in return for your money.  Not that all cheap guitar lessons are bad, you might be able to find a couple great teachers but, most of the time they are not serious about teaching, don’t have or haven’t developed the skills to teach effectively. I’ve had my business license for teaching guitar since 1996.  Teaching is the biggest part of my life and I’m serious about teaching and that is what I do!

3. Do not choose a guitar teacher on how well they can play.

Not all great players can teach effectively. I have musician friends who can play circles around me. I know some guitar teachers who can play circles around me. Don’t get me wrong I can play very well and I’ve played some of the biggest stages in Canada and Europe as a touring musician.  But not all great players can teach effectively.  Guess what? I can!

What guitar teacher should you choose?

You should choose a guitar teacher that has excellent teaching skills, teaching experience and a teacher that can help you achieve your musical goals by training you to be better with proper practice exercises and supplying you with the right tools and resources to succeed.

Questions your teacher should be able to answer without hesitation. 

What style of guitar do you teach?
How much experience do you have?
How will you teach me guitar lessons?
What teaching strategies will you use so I can achieve my musical goals?
How can you help me practice so It’s effective?

A Little Bit More About My Guitar Lessons

Why should I choose your guitar lessons over others in Edmonton Area?
Are you expensive?
Do you want to learn how to play an acoustic guitar?
Do you want to learn how to play an electric guitar?


Call Billy 780-444-6104 or text 780-222-4280


Guitar Rental

Not ready to purchase a guitar? I can provide an acoustic guitar for the duration of your lessons. Deposit is $100. Money returned when the guitar is returned in good working order.

Guitar Lesson Options

Do you offer in my home guitar lessons?Do you offer group lessons?Do you have a studio for lessons?Do you offer Skype lessons?
Yes, I offer in your home guitar lessons in and around Edmonton Area. Please check the radius of the area in this map that is covered under in-home guitar lessons. The guitar lessons in your home are totally customizable.

  • One on one
  • Group Lesson (up to 3)
  • Or 2 lessons split at 30 minutes each if you have 2 students.
Yes, I offer group guitar lessons  to groups of 4 students or more. I also offer lessons to schools and communities in the Edmonton area. Such programs have a commitment of only 4 weeks with an open option to continue further.
Yes, I do in my studio guitar lessons  in North East Edmonton just off Yellowhead and Hermitage road. Students come for their lessons from all around the greater Edmonton area including Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, St. Albert and Fort Saskatchewan.

Our students claim that the quality and the deeper insight they receive from my lessons are more important to them than the small inconvenience of having to drive. There is a sitting area for parents in the music room so parents can stay during the lessons.

Yes, I offer Skype guitar lessons.

What do you need to start?

  1. A guitar.
  2. A PayPal account.
  3. Preferably, a PC/Mac with high-speed internet, webcam, microphone, and headphones.
  4. The latest version of Skype.
What are the basics of your guitar lessons for beginners?
What are the basics of your guitar lessons for intermediate students?
What are the aspects of your lessons for advanced guitar players?
I give advanced students the opportunity to choose from the following:

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