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Group Guitar Lessons in Edmonton

Group Guitar Lessons in Edmonton

Group Guitar lessons With Billy Boissonneault

Have you always wanted to play guitar? Would you like to learn to play guitar? Do you need encouragement to make it happen? Do you want to enjoy what many people in the world like to do? If that appeals to you, then you’ve come to the right place!

Join Group Guitar Lessons with Edmonton’s top rated guitar Instructor!

My technique of teaching is based on 30 years of playing guitar. I’ve worked with hundreds of people in my years of experience, I’ve observed that in group classes students’ progress faster and also it’s always fun to play with others. Group Guitar Lessons is also great to meet new people with common interests. In a group, there is camaraderie and the inspiration to not get left behind.

Personalized attention is given to all my students. I love to have a question answer session after the group lesson.

I offer group lessons to groups of 4 or more.

For smaller groups please view mobile guitar lessons.


I offer a group lesson program to various schools and communities around the Edmonton area.

The commitment to this program is only 4 weeks with the option to continue.

For pricing or if you would like more information please contact:
780-444-6104 or click here to email