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Free Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Your First 8 Chords

Download your free guitar lesson for beginners

Are you one of those people who are interested in learning to play the guitar? Are you looking for free guitar lessons? is known for providing guitar lessons in Edmonton. Though Billy, the owner of the company, is offering his professional services for teaching students in Edmonton, the free lesson book that will be provided on this site will be a great help to others who don’t live in the area. Especially for those who want to take advantage of free guitar lesson for beginners. I also offer Skype Guitar Lessons

What to Expect from the free guitar lessons book?

  • Parts of the guitar. This will help you understand the terms that will be used when you play the guitar. The book will also include contents on how to tune your guitar. This is important when it comes to getting quality sound when playing.
  • Important tips when playing. Aside from the parts, you will also discover some helpful tips to help make playing guitar easier. However, you still need to learn how to hold your guitar or produce a great sound which can help improve your skills.
  • Learn the first 8 chords. The book is about learning your first 8 chords by properly placing your fingers on the frets.
  • Switching chords. Another thing that you will learn is on switching chords when playing. Even though there are people who get confident after learning the major chords, they end up feeling disappointed after switching from one chord to another. The book will also contain a chapter about switching the chords.

Whether you are interested in acoustic guitar lessons or electric guitar lessons, basic chords is a great start.  You’d be amazed at how many popular songs can be played with only knowing even a couple of chords from this guitar book.

Ever wanted to play Sweet Home Alabama? D, C and G.  How about Guitars and Cadillacs? A and E.  There are so many songs you will be able to play with a little bit of patience, effort and practice.

Click here to download your free guitar lessons book.

After trying the free guitar lessons you can start searching Google for easy guitar songs to play using 2 or 3 chords.  Good luck!

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