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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Thinking about buying a beginner guitar? Why not rent?

GuitarAre you thinking about buying a beginner guitar? You do not have purchase a guitar to learn. Call up a local music store and see if they rent guitars.

Some people might want to learn the guitar but for some reason or another just can’t bring themselves to shell out a few hundreds dollars. Some people do not even have a problem with actually spending that money, to some, it is knowing exactly which kind of guitar they need or want.

If  this is the reason preventing you from taking the bull by the horn and going out there and learning to play the guitar, then the obvious solution for you will be to rent. There are a good number of rental outlets that rent out music instruments like the guitar for a nominal fee. A good example of this is Long & McQuade. You can probably rent a beginner guitar for under $10 a month. That is right!

If you are interested in taking guitar lessons from me I can provide you a guitar.
Deposit is $100. Money returned when the guitar is returned in good working order.

Starting out renting a guitar will give you the opportunity to start learning and save you the worry of jumping the gun and buying a guitar that is not of a good quality.  A lot of times students purchase a guitar and later find out that they made the wrong guitar purchase after having a feel of the other types.

Once you think or believe you will continue with guitar lessons or decide you like playing the guitar you can purchase the rental guitar or just return it and buy a guitar with the features, you like.

Some of these rental outlets even offer rent to own packages that you can take advantage of. This way some of the rental charges you have paid over time will be accounted for towards the final price of the guitar if you decide to purchase it. All you have to do is ask.

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