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Life Benefits of Learning How to Play Guitar

Have you ever ask yourself why many guitarists seem too laid back on stage and loose? In fact, some of them sometimes even appear like immortal on stage. Well, maybe it is because they have good doctors taking care of them, but there could be more explanation: The guitar might just be powerful as what medicine can offer. Playing guitar could reduce your stress, increase brainpower, and more. Learning to play acoustic guitar or electric guitar can offer you a lot of benefits that medicine may not offer you.

Life benefits of learning how to play guitar

Aside from making a living as a professional guitarist, there are many significant benefits playing guitar can offer you. They are as follow;

  • Mental benefits: playing guitar confers different incredible benefits on your brain. There is nothing that can light up your brain like when you are playing guitar or other musical instruments. Playing guitar is an incredible way to work out your brain. When you learn the new thing on your guitar, practice a new song or scale or chord, your brain will grow new neurons, and the existing pathways strengthened. A Scottish study showed that if you play guitar or other musical instruments, your brain is likely to function sharply, which can help you guard against any form of mental decline in future.
  • Feeling serious pleasure: Meer plugging in your guitar, playing the guitar and listening to the music you are performing is enough to make you feel magnificent. According to research carried out by McGill University neuroscientist, listening to music can trigger the brain to release dopamine, the same chemical that is released during intercourse.
  • It takes away pains: If you experience chronic pain in your body, just reach for a guitar. According to a research carried out by University of Utah Pain Research Center, mere listening to music can take your mind of and reduce your pain.
  • It takes away your stress: whether it is your bills or boss at work that is given you anguish, grabbing and playing your guitar can zap the stress. A research showed that you can reduce stress on a genomic level when you are playing any instrument, especially guitar. Rocking out can actually reverse the response of your body system to pressure.

So, the above-listed benefits are what you should expect when you pick up a guitar and learn to play it or learn to play better if you’ve already know a few things about the guitar.